Haiyan Appeal


The recent typhoon Haiyan, otherwise known as “Yolanda”, caused catastrophic damage in Central Philippines most particularly throughout Tacloban, Leyte and Samar Islands with maximum winds of 235 km/hr leaving approximately 11 million affected and thousands homeless.                                                                                                                                                                             

The rest of the world pledged their support to the Philippine government while a number of  organizations and small groups moved immediately in an effort to provide basic relief for the survivors of one of the deadliest cyclone in years. 

A group of talented musicians teamed up in March 2012 successfully raising $18,600 for the survivors for typhoon Washi (Sendong) with the help of our reputable partners Rotary Club (Kellyville), Rotary Club (Iligan) and Rotary Club (Cagayan De Oro).

The group watched the aftermath of Yolanda in horror and couldn't just idly stand by. So, majority of the team will reunite together with a few special guests to share their time, effort and talents once more to raise funds in helping rebuild the lives of those most affected and least attended to. Also, once again, we are partnering with Rotary Club-Kellyville to ensure projects are carried out with utmost care.

For the cost less than of one-way fare cab, a full tank good for 3 days, a meal in the CBD, a night out in the movies, a whole week’s coffee, one gym class, an hour massage – just ONE of those things. A $50 converts to around $2,000 pesos, which can buy 50 kilos of rice that could feed 500 families of 4. 


We want more...
Sometimes we take more than what we need.

We dream big...
Sometimes we take plenty for granted.

We fail and succeed...
At times, both can drive us to madness.

We suffer losses..
We feel pain, regret, guilt and sadness.

We love comfort zones....
And become strangers to change and shy to the new

Life's full of challenges...
But this world has many angels and heroes, like you.

Let us remember those who have perished....
Let us remember those who survived....

Most of all, let us remember the unsung heroes - the neighbours, the friends, the missionaries, the aid workers.
They are the ones who were on "ground zero" providing first hand assistance and putting their lives at risk.

They are the ones who have provided immediate relief and escorted men, women and children to safety. 
Let us remember these people who braved the terrain and have sacrificed their lives so they could save others. 

The nameless heroes whose faces are engraved in the hearts of our survivors. 
For one minute, let us remember in silence, and celebrate human kindness.  

Bless Salonga

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